iSonic D3800A Digital Ultrasonic for Jewelry, Eyeglass, and Dentures Cleaner, 110V

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This professional ultrasonic cleaner (Model CD3800) will work in point of fact well for a variety of products including jewelry, eyeglasses, toothbrushes and dental tools. This powerful 42,000 Hz ultrasonic frequency wave provides an efficient cleaning solution without adding chemical detergent. The extra safety will probably be guaranteed by enclosed and water proof container design. This cleaner provides a stainless-steel tank with a 1 pint (600ml) liquid capacity to accommodate a variety of item such as jewelry, eyeglasses and dental items. This cleaner provides 5 preset digital cleaning cycles for simple and precise cleaning time keep an eye on. This digital timer display will show you cleaning progress under any circumstance even at night time environment. Ultrasonic Cleaning will take place with an assistance of ultrahigh frequency sound waves (Hz) which is generated by ultrasonic plate underneath of cleaning machine. This ultrasonic source plate will generate numerous ultrasonic bubbles in an effort to create a high energy cleaning effect to take away debris and dirt completely from the surface of jewelry and eyeglasses items. With the help of ultrasonic wave, the whole surface of your precious item will probably be deeply cleaned.

Stainless Steel container Dimensions: 5.4″L x 3.6″ W x 2.1″ H
Digital display with 5 Preset Cleaning Modes for simple and precise keep an eye on
Weight: 2.2 Pounds easy to carry for any household
Light weight with Dimensions: 8.2″L x 5.8″ W x 5.4″ H

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